West Ohio Conference Camps and Retreats, through creative outdoor programs, seeks to proclaim the Love of God in Jesus Christ. The experience of Christian community is a goal of all camp activities including interpersonal relationships, worship, study, and recreation. Dedicated staff are essential to the creation of community.

Positions Available

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Maintenance Manager (click HERE for job description)

Housekeeping (click HERE for job description)

Counselor (male), Worship Leader


Kitchen Assistant, Lifeguard


Counselors (male)

Minimum requirements of all paid and unpaid staff:

  • An expectation of a pattern of life so they become examples and a credit to the Christian faith and The United Methodist Church.
  • All staff are required to refrain from use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and hallucinatory drugs and shall not be under their influence while on duty and/or on the campsite.
  • Adheres to the mission of the West Ohio Conference Camps and Retreats Ministry
  • Background checks

To type information on the forms, you must FIRST save the blank document on your computer. Then fill-in, save and email to the office.

Interested in becoming a camp volunteer?

  • For application and other required forms, click here (includes Background Check, Release of Liability and Media Release).

Interested in a paid staff position this summer?

  • For application and other required forms, click here (includes Background Check, Release of Liability and Media Release).

  • For a list of Summer Camp Job Descriptions, click here.

  • Most positions are hired as full-time summer seasonal with staff training beginning May 24 and usually ends early August, but opportunities may be available into August.

Forms for hired staff only! All forms are mandatory.

Questions? Please email camps [at] wocumc.org for more information, or click on the Staff Application link above and get rolling today!